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Laser Treatment for fungal nails!

Quick. Safe. Painless. Effective.

For years, topical solutions were used to treat toenail fungus. Then, oral medications were developed which had greater efficacy, but had more side effects. Laser treatment for toenail fungus is the newest technique to treat toenail fungus, and both physicians and patients have been found to be very satisfied with the results.


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  • Digital X-ray allows our practice to be “green” with no hazardous chemicals for film processing; no disposal of chemicals; no jackets, folders, sleeves for film filing (Paperless); no need for a darkroom for film processing

  • • Superior image quality

  • • Digital Zoom/Magnification to imaging

  • • Invert X-ray

  • • Better patient education

Our Digital X-Ray technology has been designed to reduce patient exam time. The precision engineering electronic, optical and mechanical design of our system yields high quality digital imaging, eliminates awkward, unsafe patient maneuvering and adds to exam efficiency.

On Site Digital Radiographs (X-ray)


World Class Physicians

Our physicians combine their advanced training and  experience with the latest in medical technology and advances in foot and ankle care, to provide the best podiatric care available to their patients. They offer a full range of services and treat a variety of podiatric conditions, from general ankle and foot medical care to the comprehensive treatment and reconstructive surgery of complex deformities in children and adults.

Newly constructed, State of the Art Facility

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Our new facility is conveniently located in Brookstone Centre, in north Columbus, just off the Bradley Park Exit. 

The efficient design allows our team to take advantage of the latest medical advancements available, while providing a peaceful, pleasant environment for our patients. 

Telehealth: Let us bring your Healthcare to you!

Telemedicine, sometimes referred to as telehealth, in its simplest terms, is providing remote care to our patients through video visits.  When possible, you can get the same high quality expert care from the convenience of your home, office or nearly any remote location and often times this can even take place using the cell phone! 


Remote telemedicine services can benefit not only busy working professionals, who cannot easily take the day off from work to see the doctor, but certain elderly patients that find it difficult to leave the house. 

Patients can also avoid the waiting room and receive personal and uninterrupted visits with their doctor.

Call us at 706-653-5501 to set up your telehealth visit or if you have any questions concerning Telehealth.

Offering the Most Advanced Treatments for

All Foot and Ankle Disorders

Ankle Arthroscopy


Corns & Calluses

Diabetic Foot Care

Flat Feet


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Hammer Toes

Heel Pain

Toenail Disorders

Sports Medicine


Wound Care