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Foot & Ankle Pain services offered in Columbus, GA

Half of American adults say that foot pain disrupts their daily activities, so it’s no surprise that foot and ankle pain brings many people in to see the world-class podiatry specialists at  Columbus Foot & Ankle, P.C., in Columbus, Georgia. The team of skilled podiatric physicians, including Troy Espiritu, DPM, FACFAS, and Nicholas Smith, DPM, MS, FACFAS, offers effective treatments for all the common causes of foot and ankle pain, including arthritis, sprains, and fractures. For prompt help with your pain, call the office or book your appointment online today. 

Foot & Ankle Pain Q & A

What causes foot and ankle pain?

Some of the many causes of foot and ankle pain include: 

  • Ankle sprains: ligament injury in the inner or outer ankle
  • Osteoarthritis: cartilage breakdown in your joints
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: an autoimmune disease that causes joint warping 
  • Gout: crystal deposits inside joints, mainly the big toe
  • Fractures: broken bones
  • Dislocations: bone that moves out of position
  • Plantar fasciitis: inflammation in the ligament on the bottom of your foot
  • Bunions: bony bumps on your big or little toe
  • Achilles tendinitis: inflammation in the tendon along the back of your leg
  • Hammertoe: abnormal bending in the middle of a small toe
  • Flat feet: lack of a foot arch
  • High arches: unusually high foot arches
  • Plantar warts: warts on the bottom of the feet
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome: nerve damage in the ankle

Diabetic foot problems, like peripheral neuropathy, usually cause numbness but can also cause unpleasant tingling and pain in some cases. Foot and ankle pain can coincide, particularly if you experience a severe injury. 

What problems happen along with foot and ankle pain? 

The conditions that cause foot and ankle pain can also cause issues beyond the pain. Some common accompanying symptoms include swelling, joint stiffness, difficulty bearing weight on your foot, weakness, and the feeling that your foot or ankle might buckle at any moment (instability). 

In severe cases, the conditions that cause foot or ankle pain can prevent you from continuing your normal activities. But, if you respond to foot or ankle pain quickly, there’s no reason that it has to end in disability. 

How is foot and ankle pain treated?

At Columbus Foot & Ankle P.C., the team uses a customized approach to resolve foot and ankle pain. The team diagnoses the root cause of the pain and starts appropriate therapies to resolve it while also prescribing solutions that relieve your pain as quickly as possible. 

The main approaches for foot and ankle pain relief include icing in short intervals, stretching exercises, and Hako-Med bioelectric therapy. This type of innovative therapy uses bioelectric currents to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and stimulate nerve and tissue regrowth.

Hako-Med can replace oral medication and injections for foot and ankle pain caused by plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, arthritis, and other conditions. The painless treatment is 100% noninvasive. 

Some injuries or problems may require surgery. The team often performs arthroscopic surgery, which uses very small incisions to skillfully repair damage in the feet and ankles. In severe cases of ankle pain, particularly for extensive joint damage caused by late-stage osteoarthritis, the team may recommend joint replacement surgery. 

To get quick help for foot and ankle pain, call Columbus Foot & Ankle, P.C., or book your appointment online now.